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SENIORS!! How excited are you to be in your last year of high school? This is where everything changes, life after high school is full of learning experiences, more good times, and maybe some adult decision making.

So as of right now, I want you to be able to experience a great senior year! Full of laughter, enjoying where you are and just being in the present. I want to give you something to help you remember the good times. What better way than senior photos? 

Even better...a FREE senior session! What's included with becoming a senior rep for Elated Stills? 

  • a group session with all the lovely Elated Stills senior reps

  • a free senior session

  • a fun senior year survival kit (that may include air pods!)

  • a usb of your precious photos

How to become a senior rep and receive all the great rewards included?

Fill out the application below! Application process will be closed March 10, 2019.


Once you have been accepted as a senior rep all you have to do is show off photos and post on social media sites sharing your experience with Elated Stills Photography. To receive a fun senior survival kit, all that is needed is to obtain four of your mates to book and pay for a senior session with Elated Stills Photography. 

Let's start your senior year off with a BANG together!

Senior Reps